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I've not been very active on this forum, mainly because a month after getting this car, some cnut dropped a brick off a bridge through my windscreen, and thus I haven't had a car to show up at meets and whatnot.

That was back in April. Today Nissan finally delivered the replacement windscreen, that's 6 months later.

Whilst I wont be buying another import Nissan any time soon, I'm glad to have the Cefiro back.

Big thanks to Automation (the bodyshop over the road from Buffy) for putting up with this crap for 6 months, and to Buffy himself for all the help he's given in making sure Nissan actually get the right part and pull their finger out.

Picking the car up on Monday as I'm too cheap to buy road tax on the 30th of the month, then just needs an oil change and then when's the next meet? ;)

Edit: Also, any advice on things to check/do to the car (RB20DET, 4WD, Auto) given it's been standing for 6 months?
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