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alright im saying this is important because it really is. i need to get this done asap and cannot find much info. i have a four door r33 non turbo auto. i wanna sway the box for a rb25det gearbox. my questions
1. is it possible because of the gear ratio?
2. what else will i need to replace like the tail shaft and loom? or is it a lot easier ?
3. will it matter that the box is coming out of a coupe?

please, i will really appreciate any feedback


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I did a auto to manual conversion on my R33 4-door.
I bought a complete kit from a vendor inhere.. think it was JDM Garage.
The only thing that went wrong were the length of the driveshaft. I think the splines that goes in to the gearbox on the original one, did not fit, and the length of the supplied one were with the wrong fitting on the diff side.
There is no new loom. There is just extra bits on the auto loom, and that can be removed easily.
I think I made a conversion guide, on the electrical tasks inhere. Its pretty easy.
But its 6 or 7 years ago, so I'm a bit rusty.
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