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as above i'm in need of a new zorst as the baffles in the back box of my Apexi are rattling quite bad and it has a hole on one of the welds.

i know your all going to say Japspeed but my apexi has a 90mm pipe right through so i don't really want to go to 75mm.

also i what something that is going to be fairly noisy (i love the sound of the RB sraight six) i don't drive it much and there is no chance of me doing any track days

from searching on here the Greedy/Trust power extreme seems to be the bad boy for me, but where the hell do i get one that's not going to cost me an arm and a leg?

is now very happy with 400+ BHP
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I myself am looking into a full exhaust system mate.
It depends on what you call 'an arm n a leg' ?
I have been looking at the HKS 409 'Hi Power' with the dull steel more heat resistant ctr section.
Can get that on Sumo Power for bout £550 delivered,which i dont think is bad.
However,since seeing an R34 GTT on here with a full stainless Kakimoto Mega N1 +Rev,
i've decided that i would really like one of those now.
BUT,they are in the region of £900+ with delivery and import tax on the item.
So i just suppose that it's all down to what YOU fancy?
The Apexi N1 is another really good system,
so decisions decisions eh mate,it's a case of you pay for what you get.
Hope you find what you are looking for tho mate.
Hope you've had a great Christmas too? :bigthumb:

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Trust PE 2 is the exhaust to go for.. Really shows off that straight 6 noise :drool:

Try ringing RSP and ask for a quote on one?

Just an idea but its cheap and will get you the noise you want.
Take off the rear box it up with an angle grinder (cut a large square in it from the top) take out the damaged baffle and get an engineering company to weld it back up and the hole'd weld as chips should get it welded for £20-25

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I've got a HKS Silent Hi-power.

It's a fairly quiet idle, but roars well at high RPM.

I like the ability to 'go stealth' when Cops are about basically. I don't need pulling over for being too loud.
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