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Indicators not working !

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Well a couple of weeks back they just failed to work, no reason just stopped. I got a new Indicator Stalk from Ross and plugged that in today but alas still no indicators.

Where can i find the fuse or the Relay that must have gone ?

Thanks Russ

Otherwise I'll have to stick a BMW badge on it !
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the fuses are down on the right of the steering wheel plus the relays are under the bonnet on the left hand side. have you checked the connections on the indicators they maybe loose or corroded.
All indicators work with the hazard switch fella ! Thanks I will have a look when i get the chance.

Can any point me in the right direction for the correct relay just incase I need to buy one ?
Sitting in the drivers seat next to your right hand knee pull the cover off, third fuse from the bottom left is a 10amp this is your indicators. Just pulled mine no indicators but the four way works without the fuse so could be just a cheep fix.
Well hopefully thats it then :D Will Have a play when I get it back ! Cheers :)

The new indicator stalk wasn't a waste though as mine never stayed on for right hand turns !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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