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Guys and gals,

Im currently running 358bhp ATW and very close to running the standard injectors on max.

The car has been modified in all the right places and needs a few more things to get it to 400bhp ATW where I will stop on the engine and spend my hard earned money on the bodywork.

So far it's had-

HKS GTR Fuel Pump
HKS GTRS Turbo Kit
HKS Silent high power exhaust system - With Abbey decat pipe
Blitz induction kit
Greddy 3" down pipe
NGK iridium spark plugs
Apexi Power FC
Profec B-spec 2 Boost Controller
O.S. Giken twin plate clutch

They are the main engine mods.

Getting to the question in hand

What are peoples thoughts on size of injectors and where to get them from?

I will also be looking to get a AFM, but once again what size and where?



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Set of 550's should do the job, and leave you some headroom for more power later if you want it. For the AFM, get a 300zx one from the twin turbo model. It's a straight swap physically, you just need to splice in the wiring clip for it.
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