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As many consumers know already, there are a lot of good deals these days through both Up Garage and Yahoo Auctions. The troubling part is having a source reliable enough to make purchases, organize inland shipping, payments and export shipping on a customers behalf. So to set the stage, we are offering this service to all members.

For members interested in this offer, we ask you either PM or E-mail (sales @ us directly with your inquires as follows:
Subject: Yahoo JP (Item Name) OR Up Garage (Item Name)

Very important you let us know what country you are from so we can quote on shipping from the get go.

With multiple shops in each city across Japan, Up Garage tends to offer just about everything when it comes to used and sometimes new car accessories.

Brokerage Chart & Payments
*If multiple are ordered at one given time, rates will be rated even better
*All orders invoiced through pay pal. If there are many items coming in, we wish to invoice for items only initially, then once all are in stock and packaged for export shipping, final shipping costs are invoiced. Even so in this situation, a good estimate will be given.

Level 1 > Small goods 1,500 JPY up to 2,500JPY
(shift handles, marker lamps, gauges, meter etc.)

Level 2 > Medium goods 2,500 up to 4,500 JPY
(LSD, suspension links, brakes, etc.)

Level 3 > Large goods 8,500 JPY-12,000 JPY
(Wheels, suspension etc.)

Using the Up Garage site is quite easy. See the page view below to see how searches are made.
Make sure the highlighted is on クルマパーツ (Car Parts). The blank field to the right side of this if for item searches, with browse search button to the right side.

For search phrases to help customers out a little:
Turbo Outlet: アウトレット
Injector: インジェクター
Meter / Gauge: メーター
Gauge Panel: ピラーメーターパネル
Tower Bar: トタワーバー
Wheel: タイヤ
Intercooler: インタークーラー

If what you are looking for is something difficult, just shoot us a PM with what it is you are after.

Inside the search as seen below. Simply click on the item interested in, copy paste URL and send Private Message through the forum, or email direclty to sales @

Questions, totals, shipping estimages etc., can be asked as needed regarding the item.

Our policy with Up Garage is quite simple and to the point. All goods purchased from Up Garage come with a 1 week guarantee.

For instance, when an item comes in stock, we inspect to make sure its working ok before shipping. And vise versa, we will return it to Up Garage if an item is faulty.

On the level with everyone in this club, Up Garage QC is rather good. Its part of their commitment to offer excellent descriptions and detailed photos of all goods sold.
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