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I downloaded the base map from ecumaster for the skyline rb25det engine. Went back to the software and also did some adjustments according to mine car's spec.
Injectors size= 370cc/min
Staged injection= 240cc/min
Fuel=gasoline/enthone mix

Crank the car, car cranks but does not start. Check the coils and sparkplugs to see if it was flooded with fuel, but it was dry as the girl that rejected me.
Timing seem to be right from the output test that I am seeing, but I do question the position of the first trigger tooth (of cam angle sensor) and trigger angle.

I reloaded the the file again and started an new project (made no adjustments or changes) and also updated the firmware to the latest version. Andddd... it did the same thing again. Crank but did not start.

I'm not ecu/tune master, but I did take an few online courses on tuning/data logging/ ecumaster course. I read the manual twice and follow the checklist twice. I am lost. Any advise or hint would help me dearly.

Also turn and took my key out and the ecu stayed on with most of the cluster instruments indicator staying on, but not the check engine light, so I unplugged the ecu, following the safety procedure on not to fry the ecu or hardness. I saw on the check list of how the emu "black" black plug, pin 13 (B13) has constant battery connection. And does not turn off after key is out and will need to be switched out to an 12v instead of directly to the battery. Well, the thing is I have the emu (classic). Yes, alot of questions, but I just want to carefully do it right, because money don't grow on trees and my pockets are too shallow for me to spend anymore on my f**KS up.

Suggestion, advice, guidance, or an girlfriend will help. Thanks.
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