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Looking around on various forums and websites recently I have noticed alot of people who have had claims who are not getting the service they paid for.

Now everyone loves a cheap premium or a promise of we cover this or insure that, many of you read the small print and actually really understand whats covered.

Now as you know I have worked for A-Plan for nearly 8 years and another broker for 7 years before that and during this time have always taken an active interest in claim handling.

How do agreed value policies work, or what is really covered under the insurance companies track day cover?. What happens if a driver is un-insured or if my vehicle is a total loss, how do I go about getting a decent payout?.

At the end of the day, you guys are paying your hard earned money and deserve a high level of service if the worse should happen.

Thats where I can help..

If anyone has an on-going claim or has any claim related questions then feel free to drop me a PM or give me a call on 0845-0711234.

Kind regards

Dan Cameron
A-Plan Schemes
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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