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Hi folks,

I've been pretty quiet on the forum over the past few years after the disappointment of my last GTR experience but I'm glad to say I'm back in Skyline ownership!

I'm currently looking around for insurance quotes - this car is going to be a long-term project/investment/toy and as such will be used very sparingly (less than 1000 miles per year) but so far the cheapest I've found is about £730. Considering my age, where the car will be kept, and the fact that I will cover hardly any miles I think that's a bit steep. Does anyone have any good experiences with companies they can share? I tried to PM Dan at A-Plan but his inbox is full - I e-mailed but so far no response.

Do any classic insurers take on these cars - possible as a future classic?

Hopefully some of you good people have some equally good ideas for me!

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