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Hi guys,

Done a little search but didnt get any joy so any help here is much appreciated.

My skyline has a large hrbrid intercooler on it this is the exact car and cooler.

This picture was taken when TOSH (user on here) owned the car.

However since then unfortunatly the cooler has lost colour is very dirty and the hrbrid writing is faded.

What i was wondering is can you paint the cooler with anything to freshen it up? Any particular rattle can paints you can use? Then i was going to spray the text back onto
the cooler?

Also a few fins are broken from the cooler due to stones is
there any way you can get the fins replaced or is that it?

Going to take the cooler off today and get scrubbing with a tooth brush. lol

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be carefull not to bend the fins when scrubbing the cooler they are pretty fragile.
i think some people have used cilt-bang on theirs to good effect, wonder-wheel may also work as it's a mild acid solution.

if you do paint it the cooler will lose some of it's cooling ability
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