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Hello everyone,

With time to spare, its time for an introduction.

Im Adam, the sole proprietor of Feast Auto Group. Originally from Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. Relocated to Japan back in January of 2004. Currently situated in the Kanto region, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City.

Feast Auto Group was started up independently back in 2005. The name is famous as many may know. Feast RS is a very well known tuning shop. I was fortunate enough to work with them for about a year solid before finally taking the plunge and working indpendantly.

Initially, as it still is today, the main focus is parts. We supply many nations including Canada, U.S, U.K., parts of EU and others. Not to mention supplying several large importers abroad.

Beyond the parts, Feast Auto Group also has a strong dealing with the used vehicle market. We supply on order and don't normally buy up stock. Dealing with auction's around Japan and also with private owners based throughout Japan.

Some fine examples on past purchased vehicles. I personally dont have any children, so I look down at these and many more as my kids. ;)

For the past 5 years I have personally been around all sorts of cars including some USDM's. Yes that's right, Ive owned them over here too.

My first, a 95 Mustang GT. Originally bought on impulse, this was my dream car out of the Ford Stable. That was until I realized FOMOCO installed rubbish parts and de-tuned the last gen 5.0 push rod motor. No longer in possession, It was flogged off at the Tokyo auction for a minuscule amount of money.

Photos of the old whip from Ryugasaki Air Port. This was a Trust 0-400M event I was luckily invited to.

As for JDM's, ive personally owned several not to mentioned buying a ton of them. As a daily driver I run a Honda Stepwagon, model RF1. Bit older, but I find that Honda reliability will never phase out. That matched with an economical engine, its simply a safe choice. Next to this is the S14. This is not a fast car, but rather one that is set up rather well. For me, its all about balance and once that is sorted, then the power parts shall step in.

It was bought and is used solely for track days. Though its seen a whole bunch of night action around the C1 from time to time. Some recent photos from this past fall up at Ebisu Circuit.

Not myself in this video, but here is one S14 that is keeping me NA Tune.

Closing in here, want to thank Keith for the invite to this club. I see a lot of iteresting cars on the go and am just staggered at the amount of Skylines in the U.K & EU.

Thanks so much!

Adam Truesdale

Mobile: +81 -90-8283-7141
Fax: +81 - 50-2200-3605

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I know Adam from my S15 days lol... great chap and always happy to help :)

I shall be looking to source those 'hard to find' items for my Stagea... in fact got a couple of things I need to email about so will do it asap!
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