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Introduction Showoff Imports - Hi to everyone!

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Since we are new here I would like to start with saying HI to everybody around here!

I'm Ronald, owner of Showoff Together with Mels (sales manager) I will offer our assortment to you guys here. We will try to make some nice offers!

Let me first introduce our company:
Showoff imports(.eu) is one of the leading 'import tuning' companies on the European mainland, located in The Netherlands.

We started with Honda only, but for over 7 years we specialize in all Japanese brands.

Showoff Imports is established in the year 2000 as being an import/export company for tuning & styling parts. All products are imported directly from U.S.A. and Asia.
In October 2007 we moved to Dongen, The Netherlands where we have a brand new location with a warehouse of 1500m2. Our total facility (showroom/warehouse, offices) is 2500m2 which makes us one of Europe’s largest distributors in the ‘tuning/importstyle market’.
We now carry many well known high quality brands from Japan and USA as well as our own brands!
Our product range keeps growing as we are always looking for new ideas and products to full fill our already extensive product line-up.

Our Brands: Megan Racing, Aerotrenz bodykits, ABS-Dynamics, AutoR bodykits, SIX-Aerodynamics, AITRacing bodykits, ImportTrenz bodykits, SIX-Performance, Option Racing, SEIBON Carbon Fiber Products, Nippon Tuning, ROTA Wheels, JP Vizages, Depo, KS.
And also: Tenzo-R, Sonar, APC, Autostyle, Rotora, Injen, TYC, Arospeed, Invidia, AEM, NRG, Tenzo-R, Apexi, HKS, Ibherdesign, Carcept, Summit, Neodesign, Koni, KW, Weitec, K-Sport, etc.

New brands lately: UltraRacing, Password:JDM, Skunk2, EPRacing

We carry most usual and popular parts mentioned on our website in stock, resulting in fast and reliable delivery times. Delivery times for non-stock items depend on our containerschedule: We have containers coming in every 3/4 weeks. We use wellknown shipping companies like UPS EXPRESS for our distribution throughout Europe.


Our new facility:

Our Shop:


Container imports:

The Girls:

Around the shop here:




And yes... old pictures, back then we just moved into the building. Right now everything is stocked nicely and not just on a big pile... ;)

Please feel free to visit out website:

Very soon we will add many more Skyline parts. Thing is that skylines are RHD and our country is LHD, so the skyline scene is just starting up, just as our assortment for these cars!

Anyway, now you all have an idea what Showoff Imports is about.
Soon we will open up some topics to introduce our cars and more important: Nice offers for all Skyline people here!

Greets Ronald, Mels and the rest of our team!
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where abouts are you? ill be comign over to holland in the new year to see my dad, thinking of going in the 200 so may pop in?
South of The Netherlands, near to the Belgium border:

Google streetview:,4.936423&spn=0.01062,0.028324&z=16

Feel free to visit anytime you want!
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Forgot our wheels stock. If you ever look for ROTA's, give us a try:

And let me introduce my colleague Mels for you, our Skyline freak in the company:

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welcome to the club Roland, is that paul at jdm's pink pick-up and julians r32 (castrol) on your forecourt? and it looks like julian @ garage-d bought your r34 blitz drift car as well, good to have you here mate...keith
Roland? Who's that? I'm Ronald, like in Ronald Macdonald, haha. :nutkick: ;)

But completely correct! The cars were here on a pitstop for some weeks since they went to and came back from a show in Italy.

Multics: Yes, Noord-Brabant it is! You're very welcome!
Welcome, can't wait for more info on what you offer.

Spotted Julians 34 :D
First offers have been posted, some special promotions for DECEMBER 2009. See


how are you doing?

Im the guy with the white R33 which was on your Event in septembre.
I stood in front of the shop on saturday.
Perhaps you remeber.
White R33 with carbon hood :)
From Germany.

Good t have you here.:bigthumb:

HI! I remember indeed. Looked up pictures of our event, and I think I found your car...:

All pictures from this event:

Not sure if you are the one with the gold wheels or the other one, but I think the one with gold wheels since the other car had a carbon hood already.

What was the result of the dyno you went on here?
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Some other skylines (and s14's) that weekend here:

Wo do this event once a year, so let me already invite all of you for next year (2010). It will be the first weekend of september :)
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