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1996 R33 GTS-T
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Expect it needs it with the aftermarket turbo thats on there. May even have a aftermarket ECU to control it.
yea, i'm still trying to disect my car to find all the mods.

but so far, my buddy is pretty sure that i have an HKS turbo, he's basing that on the fact that i dont have a stock turbo elbow and that it looks like the HKS elbows.

Also, my rev limiter is raised, it revs to 8000rpm. But i dont know how it's been done, i dont have any kind of engine management like a power fc or anything like that, are there any methods used that just flash the ECU or just replace the ECU entirely? Would a picture of the ECU help?

Some other stuff that i cant identify is a switch, i'll take a picture of it, it doesnt seem to do anything...

here's a list of the mods i've identified so far:

Greddy Boost warning meter
Greddy EGT temp warning meter
Greddy water temp warning meter
Greddy turbo timer
Apex rev/speed meter
Blitz dual solenoid boost controller


3.5 inch down pipe
3.5 inch full exhaust
Apex Racing filter
Arc intercooler
300ZX Z32 MAF sensor
Raised rev limiter (8000RPM)
Boost @ 0.8 bar
HKS coilovers
Oil catch can
Nismo Strut Tower Bar
Sard radiator cap

going to snap some pics now of the turbo elbow, the switch and the ecu

oh yeah, right now it's running 0.8 bar boost, but i'm thinking it can probably be raised if i do in fact find an aftermarket turbo in there. that would be sweet :)

1996 R33 GTS-T
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wow, you can make that out from that picture? damn! lol

Complete engine pic first

This is the turbo elbow my friend thinks is an hks

This is my down pipe, anyone know it?

What the hell is this? it goes into my dash, no idea what it's attached to, maybe it has something to do with the switch in the next pic?

This is the switch i was wondering about

ECU definately looks like it was modded

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