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Ok, it's been requested that we have a feeback system for buying and selling, be it private or Trade. Well here it is.

iTrader is a feedback system similar to Ebay. When someone posts, you can see there feedback score (%) in the details shown on the left under the post count. It is listed as iTrader.

You can click on the feedback percentage to view all the details of that members feedback.

There are a few restrictions I have put in place to control it's use. These are :-

Minimum number of letters required for feedback is 10

You can edit or delete your own feedback up to 5 minutes after leaving it

A member can only leave 1 feedback per member every 24 hours (to stop bogus ratings)

Return ratings can be made up to 30 days after initial feedback

Hopefully this list will a) enable you to use the system effectively and b) help you understand some of the restrictions in place.

I hope you enjoy the system, it's not fool proof by any means but it will go a long way to ensuring you are dealing with trustworthy members with a history of good deals.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts