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Its all gone wrong, time for a clearout (good pics)

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The s**t has hit the fan, oil pump has blown in my RB25 R32 while driving the motorway and now I have some serious engine issues. definately time for rebuild so I need to free up some cash.

I have some stock and aftermarket R32 and R33 parts, I have never sold anything on here before so I am open to offers. (all prices are plus PP)

RB20 engine (no turbo) as far as we can tell small ends are knocking, apart from that its perfect still pulls like a train through the revs. I have no idea what this is worth so I will say £200 ono just make me any offer. (Will Break if needs be)

RB20 Turbo 65000 miles no play in the shaft. £50

RB20 Turbo pipe, not sure of the name but its the one with triangular end with 3 bolts £10

RB20 AFM £50

R32 Front fog lights £30

R32 Accelerator assembely (pedel, bracket and wire) £10

RB25 Coil Pack Amp £50

HKS Mushroom Filter and adaptor £40 (SOLD)


Unkown Dump valve and plug, makes a high pitched SSQV noise followed by a whoossh £40
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I'll give you £150 for the splitfires now for a quick sale? Payment by paypal and I'll cover the fees?
sorry dude, holding out for a bit more than that
you have PM
im intrested in Splitfires
is this the part number on it- SF DIS 005
if so how many miles ave they done
PM sent
ECU sold
For all those who PM'd me about the Splitfires my mate has bought them sorry
All prices dropped for quick sales, just try me with your offers want to clear some space in the garage
pm sent
hi do u have the oil filterbit for sale? u screw the filter to this then that bolts to the block :)

from the rb20 engine lol
Will have a look at the Oil Filter Housing, but i'm sure its ok.

£15 + PP ok????

The BOV will definately fit a R33, thats what it came from
Prices have been dropped again
cud u get me a pic of it if poss, £20 delivered sounds good to me :)
sent u a pm m8, il take the filter housing
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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