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I was beginning to think that my Carbon Spoiler blades had seen their day and either needed wrapping, binning or replaced !?

But then a mate from our local Skyline meets showed me what wonders could be achieved by T-Cut :) :)

^ My jaw dropped when I saw what could be achieved with such little effort !!

^ ..and so I purchased some of this miricle potion and polished away, after just an hour it was gleaming :dogpile:


My car is starting to look much better now, I was contemplating selling my spoiler, and getting a bigger one, I figured the Carbon was naff'd but now considering the rarity of this Bi-Wing GTR Carbon Wing, I have decided to keep it...It looks pretty amazing now !!

I decided to share this with y'all cos I bet some of you also have some 'lifeless carbon parts' that your thinking of scrapping/selling..

But with this genius lotion the Carbons life and vitality comes rushing back !!

Please feel free to add pics of your own experiences before and after cleaning up your carbon parts etc.. !?


1 - 4 of 4 Posts