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Since my last thread a few months back i decided to spend another fortune on the car - just got it back from garage this week, had a decent polish today and below is the newly enhanced spec.

I'm really pleased with the new skirts but gotta be REALLY careful on speed bumps - but NO WAY am i putting the suspension up at all :D

Hope u guys like!! ;)


Engine & Tuning:
*** 324BHP and 285lb torque with RSP graphs!! ***
RSP stage 1 ECU
RSP uprated coil packs (fitted 27/8/8)
XS Power s/steel straight through exhaust with 3.75" bore
XS Power down pipe
Japspeed screamer pipe!!
Full decat
Japspeed Front mount intercooler with polished pipes
Driftworks boost controller – set at 0.85Bar
XTD uprated stage 3 clutch (rated to 420bhp!) – fitted new in Sept ‘08
Uprated GTR fuel pump
HKS SSQV dump valve
Nismods alloy bung
Stainless steel coil pack cover
NGK Iridium grade 7 spark plugs – fitted new Mar '09
HKS air filter

Suspension & wheels:
Tein adjustable Coilovers
18 inch split-rim GTC Alloys
Low profile tires

Type M front bumper – modified to show FMIC
JUN side skirts
JUN rear spats
400R wide arches all round
Arch lips rolled all round to allow for lowering and wider wheels
Custom flared wings all round
GTR front grille
Seat Cupra R lower front splitter
Low level rear spoiler with brake light
Tinted front indicators and side repeaters
Tinted rear and back window
Xenon bulbs

K's 52mm boost gauge (BAR)
K's 52mm oil temp gauge
Trust twin A-pillar pod
Full Red LED Dash and speedo conversion (including clock and a/c unit)
Carbon fibre effect dash trim
Nismo carbon dash badge
Racing gear knob in silver/black
Modified and shorted gear stick
Custom "R33" embroided colour coded leather gear gaiter and handbrake gaiter in red/black
HKB racing boss
Quick release hub in silver/red (can remove steering wheel in 5 seconds)
Nismo style F1 320 racing steering wheel in black/silver/red
Nismo red cigarette lighter
Richbrook red tax disc holder
Genuine Skyline floor mats

Weight reduction:
Steering wheel and airbag replaced with lighter Nismo style steering wheel
Air con system removed (35kg)
Spare wheel, jack and tools removed from boot
Boot linings and boot carpet removed
Bonnet sound proofing removed

Alpine CD head unit
Vibe component speakers
Vibe tweeters with cross-overs
JBL 1000w 12” sub
Alpine V12 digital amp

Hornet Alarm / Immobiliser - Cat 1
HKB boss and quick release hub – can remove steering wheel in 5 seconds!


Pics below:

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She looks absolutely awesome mate.
Good work!!!

thank u mate :)

Where did you get the 400r arches from matey, im toying with the idea of a set for mine
Got them from Ziax mate - along with the JUN spats - made a lot of difference to the width look of the car ;)

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nice job mate, good looking car and nice to see a deeply polished black!
looking at mine ive gotta lot of work to do :disappointed:
inspiration none the less :cheers:

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Did the arches need any work to make them fit, or was it just a case of painting and bonding to the car?
I supplied them pre painted so think he had a guy just bond and clamp them on one at a time, and a good job done too, james ell answer thou, im going to fit a carbon set to mine now been toying with the idea for a while now and some of those shots do look real nice think its cos its so low.

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Did the arches need any work to make them fit, or was it just a case of painting and bonding to the car?
Hi mate

AsMartin said i asked him to paint them black for me so simpy took to garage to get boneded and clamed on - had to do it over 4 nights as needs a lot of clamps held on over night.

the spats are a very tight fit, which means once they're on they aint going anywhere!!! :)
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