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Hey Guys

Just trying to maybe get a few people going to Jap-Fest this year.... Maybe we could confirm a few numbers.....

I have contacted Mondello about the last few shows and how is has been a little disappointing and maybe this year we can make it the best one yet...

Iv post on and to see could we do anything to make a better and maybe confirm numbers of people who would like to attend!

Below is the bases of what spurred the posts on DriftIreland etc....

Hello Peoples

Dose anyone know who is organising the show for the Jap-Fest event this year?

I only ask as it COULD be one of the best shows of the year..This event used to be the pinnacle for Irish Japanese enthusiasts and over the last few years it seams to have been watered down more n more.

People (including myself) arrive to this event with the the mind set of seeing all things Japanese (hinted by the very name of the event) but over the last few events the paddock has become full of NON-Japanese vehicles ( which isnt all that bad) and then to add insult some of the vehicles are not show worthy or even of a standard that would classify them as of interest.

I understand these events take a lot of organising when you consider all the organisers do with the"live track" but i think the " paddock event " needs to be looked at, many times iv found myself wondering in the car park and finding all the hidden gems that should have been inside the paddock ...

I think we have enough time between now and Jap-fest to at least try and organise something?

Any input would be interesting....

( iv also posted this on driftIreland )
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