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Right Guys And Girls Its That Time Again Were Doing Another Meet Down Essex At Lakeside As I No People Have Been Asking For Meets Down This End. So From Now On We Will Be Holding A End Of Month Meet Every Month In Essex. So Everyone Is Welcome. Great Way To See Some Great Jap Cars And Meet Some Great People.

Lakeside On A Saturday Night Has Now Become The Hot Spot Again So Deffo Going To Be A Good Night.

Right Now For The Important Bit Times And Places:

If You Are Up Kent Way Then Your Time And Place Are As Followed...
6:50pm Leaving At 7:00pm On The Dot At BP Service Station, Queenborough Rd, Minster On Sea, Sheerness, ME12 3EW.

And Some The Japworx Guys Will Be Going Thru The M2 Services Aswell So If You Want To Meet There Then Your Time Is 7:10pm'ish, Medway M2 Services ME8 8P North Bound.

For Those Of You Wanting To Meet In Essex Then Meet At Thurrock Services (M25 Services) At 7:45pm And Will Be Leaving To Go Lakeside At 8:00pm Or Just After.

Last But Not Least Can I Just Say Come Have A Good Night And Please Drive Safely. Thanks From All The Japworx Team :D

Got Any Questions About Anything Then Either Contact Me At [email protected] Or Deano At [email protected]

Start Time:
Saturday, 30 January 2010 at 19:45
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