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I found this Skyline for sale in my area and I thought that someone had imported it by mistake. The pictures online were bad, the miles were high, the interior was destroyed, the exterior was plain. I looked at it online for a month before I finally caved and looked at it in person. Then I test drove it. That completely changed everything. I've had it for 3 months now and in that time I've had the entire interior out twice, I've removed and reinstalled the dash at least five times with 2 different stereos, speakers and gauge clusters, I re-installed the factory retractable antenna, I tore out and re-finished the entire trunk, tinted the windows, polished the headlights and I've installed two different sets of wheels. It has been a blast. And all of that doesn't even take into account driving it. I live in an area with winding back roads and hills everywhere. This is the most fun I've had driving a car in a very long time. I love everything about it. Next steps are to install an upgraded spoiler and buff out the faded paint on the hood and roof. After that I might be done. It may be time to just drive it and find a new late night project. Not sharing anything new here, just wanted to state again how much I love this car.


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