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hi all,

ive just bought my 1st skyline, r33 gts automatic.
very pleased with it so far, just a few things i want to no.

should i be putting a certain type of fual in it as its an import.
what does the gauge mean on the rev counter dial it reads -7 0 +7.
what mpg should i expect.
also how difficult is it to change the clocks as its currently reading kmph instead of mph.
and is there a limit to what i can do modification wise because its an auto.


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I can answer a few of your questions, being a new R32 GTS-t owner myself.

I was told to use the more expensive fuel option. The -7/0/+7 is the boost gauge. I get 18mpg dual carriage/motorways, around 14mpg around town.

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The boost gauge is pretty inaccurate, best to get an aftermarket one instead - it reads in 100mm of mercury (+7 = 700mm HG)

There are lots of threads on kmh - mph conversions so I'd advise using the search function.

I think 400bhp is maximum with an automatic gearbox.

Use Shell Optimax, BP Ultimate or similar high octane fuel.

Welcome to the forum :)
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