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Just joined up!

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Hello all,
Just joined the Forum. I am a Brit based in Germany (Hannover area). I finally took the plunge recently and bought myself a GTR now totally hocked! Don't know why I waited soooooo long. Now have 2.5 in total in various states of repair but concentrating on a 33 GTR which I am putting through the TUV (Heaven) Emission/Technical/Physical parts all done but stuck with the problem of a Technical Data Sheet (Showing weight/Emission level/Noise level etc.) I down loaded a Data sheet from the net with the relevant info but it wasn’t accepted (Fun Police). They're looking for something a bit more 'official' or even the necessary info from another TUV station if I could find one that has completed a Skyline Inspection so any info/help out there would be greatly appreciated. Anyway as someone said 'if yur going through Hell just keep going'. It’s been great reading through the various threads (will take some time to catch up) tons of great info. Looking forward to enjoying more of the Forum.
Best to all.
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hi, welcome to the club mate.

received your PM. will reply some time soon.

welcomr to the club mike, i was over there in the reeperbahn:rolleyes: whilst working a few years back lol....keith
Well i am in Hannover til March during the week. Let me know if you need a helpin hand ;)
Hi Mike, welcome to the club. I'm also a Brit and German speaker, live down in the Aachen area.
Post some pics mate!
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