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Spent today fitting me lovely new coilovers bought from Apex.

Took a little longer than anticipated as the instructions from K-sport are practically non-exisistant and what that have are in really really bad English...

Any way the old shocks came off without to much of a problem. I started taking pics, but wife nicked the camera to take it to a wedding.

I'll do a little write up when I get the chance. The fitting isn't to much of a problem. The pain is the adjustment to get the correct height.....

I wanted 50mm drop all round. The first fit produced this exactly. the back looked fine, however the front was far to close to the arches and at low speed and full lock it rubbed.

The front was adjusted to 30mm which gave the car a much better balance.

Took it for a spin and the difference was just amazing. Someone must have swapped my car.

The car went round corners like it was on rails, the feedback had improved and the response felt more direct.

I took it round a roundabout on the wessex way, which I usd to have to take very carefully as the bumps would make the car twitch all over the place. Now nothing.

The old front shocks were completely spent. I've never seen any in such a bad condition. The rears look ok.

Just so happy that my car finally handles ok. Wish I had it done last week when I was out on track

I've taken a note of the settings of the dampers to get 50 and 30 mm drops and will need to post a pick of what to measure to get this drop. This is because the dampers are wound all the way in during shipping so you need to wind them out.

I'll take a pic now as I'll have before and after pics...

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^^^^^if thats the case can i buy your apexis cheap then mate? (grin)
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