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Hi everyone, decided to sell this simply because i hardly use it and its a bit of a shame given what it can do. I dont do many miles in the skyline (only pleasure miles really) and id rather listen to the engine or at most the radio on a long journey so its a bit of a shame having it sat in the dash not being used. Also could do with a little financial help with a cam belt change, undersealing and de-limiting that i want done in the next few weeks, this was fine untill idiot girlfriend decided to reverse into a post she "couldnt see" causing £300 of damage to a 2 year old car, anyway rant over.

The stereo / dvd does absolutely everything, remote, all boxes, books, warrenty card, even still got loads of fitting gubbins in the box that you may need, it was in teh car when i brought it a month ago and the guy said it was 3 months old which i believed, still looks brand new, no wear at all on buttons / remote.

The cheepest one i can find on ebay is £373.29 + £8 pp, (take a look, item number is 120173999294, Priced to sell at £220 ono!

Below is the spec:

Double DIN Size Fixed Faceplate
6.95 inch Wide Colour TFT Active Matrix Display
Number of Pixel: 336,960 pixels
Screen Size: W156.2 mm x H82.4 mm
Fully Motorized Slide-Down Mechanism
Motorized Tilt Angle Adjust (5 Steps Down / Flat / 1 Step Reverse Tilt)
Interactive Touch Panel Control with OSD
Multifunction Key Operation
DVD Disc Menu Direct Touch Operation
Audio Easy Control Mode
DSI & Security Code
Amplifier Control System with PS Amplifiers
- EQ (Bass/Treble/Q Factor/Gain Control)
- Voltage/Current/Temperature/Fan Speed
Advanced B.M.S. with '02 PS Amplifiers
Digital Clock (24H)
Blue Key Illumination
2 Estcutions (normal + adaptable)
Remote Control Unit Supplied (RC-DV430)

4 x 50W Max output power (MOSFET IC)
3 RCA Preouts with 2V Pre-output Level (Front / Rear / Sub)
1 RCA AV Output (PAL/NTSC according to the source)
1 RCA AV Input (PAL/NTSC Auto Selection)
1 RCA Video Input with Mirror Mode function for Rear View Camera
Video Input Signal Automatic Detection Mode
Optical digital out
RGB Input for Navigation System
System E's+ (Built-in HPF/LPF)
System Q (Preset Sound Control)
Dual Zone Source & Volume Control
Attenuator with Smooth Volume Return
Installer & Backup Memory

24 Presets: 18 FM, 6 LW/MW
RDS Tuner with Radio Text
K3I Clear Reception Tuner Circuit
Auto Memory Entry (AME)
Up/Down Seek Tuning
Auto1/Auto2/Manual Tuning Mode
FM Stereo/Mono Selector

DVD Video Playback
DVD±R/RW Compatible (Video Format Only)
VCD Compatible
WMA (Windows Media Audio)
MP3 Decoder with ID-3 Tag Display
MPEG 1/2 Video File (.mpg)
JPEG File (.jpg) Playback
24-Bit D/A Converter
CD Text Ready
CD-R/CD-RW Compatible
Direct Access with Remote
Random/Repeat/Scan Play

Dual changer control capability (CH1,CH2 & AUX)
iPod ready (optional unit KCA-iP500)
Bluetooth ready (optional unit KCA-BT100)
DAB ready (optional unit KTC-9090DAB)
2-way Telephone/Navigation Mute
OEM Wired Remote Output
TV ready (optional TV-tuner KTC-V300E

see what i mean

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Yeah i did think about that but the g/f has took the camera on a night out so bit difficult, thats why i included the ebay item number of a company that is selling them on the net (pleanty of pics there, its exactly the same)

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Cheers Chills! Aint worked out how to do that yet, do you just copy and paste?...
No worries. :)

For web links you just copy the address from the Internet Explorer / Firefox address bar and then when writing yer message use the little icon just above the text window. (looks like an earth with a paperclip). You just paste the link into the popup window.

For images pretty much the same using the picture icon instead.
To get the image link you just RIGHT click on the picture on a web page and choose 'properties' to get to the link.

Hope that helps and good luck with yer sale...

Chris ~:)

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To be fair he has put an eBay link in there which has a picture...

Chris ~:)
Lol, didnt notice that, :doh:... But hey, im lazy and probably wouldnt of looked... haha....... :)
Best of luck with the sale bud..

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Loads of interest but not the right offer yet, want it gone this weekend so i can book my car in for undersealing and cam belt, who's in the market for a deecent stereo? You will not get better for the money

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RS Rawli, yeah it should do mate, it fits perfectly in mine and screen opens and closes fine not catching anything. Just the touch of a button on the screen or on the remote opens the screen that folds forwards and down to reveal the slot where you load your cd's / dvd's, ect

GALLA 4 - Its approximatly 4 months old mate, and its as new condition, as stated in description no wear marks anywhere, all buttons perfect on unit and the remote. The symbols on the buttons have a really nice blue glow at night.

Yeah it comes with everything that you would get if brought from a shop, all boxes, books, WARRENTY CARD and the fitting bits and bobs that you may need (allthough i obviously didnt need them in my 33 gtr so it was all left in the box by the previous owner.

Its touch screen two and its really good on it, some touch screens in my mates cars are either to sensative or not sensative enough but the sensativity on this one is perfect in my oppinion.
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