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Hey everyone

Some information about Bride orders.
We are a family run company who have been going for 10 years now. We import Bride seats for the UK and European market and we generally place an order and bring over a shipment of seats and frames once every 3 months.

last Bride order of the year
It's that time of year where we are looking to bring over the last Bride order of the year now which will come into the country around end November/start December and we have about 1 more week to get orders in and ready.

Do you want some Bride seats?
1. Check out our full Bride listings on-line today:
2. Contact us directly via phone: 0115 9893488
3. Contact us via email: [email protected]

Nissan Skyline sub-frames:
We have Bride frames available for the R32, R33 and R34. When purchasing Bride seats through our website we list them "with frames" Simply tell us your car on checkout and we will ensure the right frames for your model of Skyline are sent.

List of useful links:
In-store services:
Race sim experience:
Big brake website:
Sport seats website:
Facebook page:
Twitter page:
Youtube Videos:

Fancy knowing about what we can do in-store?

Sport seat and Motorsport seat displays to sit in and measure up against
We will have expansive displays of seats allowing you to make an informed decision
We will provide recommendations from our experience and knowledge
Touch screen product selectors available displaying our range of products

Contact us and we will be happy to help with any inquiries that you may have

Thanks for reading!
As a family business we always appreciate your business and hope we can help
Remember we offer our referral scheme, for every friend you recommend you get £15.00 off your next/previous order
So please contact us with any seating or braking requirements and we will be happy to help however we can.
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