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Spec 1 Gtst 94 300+BHP 4k

just dont get to use her anymore so would rather someone else gets to enjoy her

L plate 98km GTST 33 Type M
R34 Gtt Engine fitted 20k (short motor)
August MOT taxed till end of september

GTR Front Bumper
GTR Grill
GTR Spoiler
GTR Intercooler
Full Nurspec exhaust inc downpipe and Decat
Full HKS Coilovers
HKS Mushroom Filter
17s Speedlines with good tyres (275 back,235 front)
One off Bonnet splitter
Illuminated Rear panel (Greeny blue)
Momo steering wheel
G Reddy turbo timer
Clifford alarm and immobiliser
HKS Boost Gauge
Pioneer Cd player
Uprated LSD Diff .

Car is very very clean with only 1 dent. Looks one of the best GTR looker imo.

4,000 no offers, if doesnt sell will keep both cars :drool: [/COLOR]


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nice car - good luck. would be good to have a pic showing those thick rear tyres. :) something that I aint got.. so. :D

My apologies for posting on a for sale thread, but I don't understand this R34 GTT short motor business. Looks like a normal RB25DET engine to me, I was under the impression the R34 GTT engines were all Neo's.......can someone explain this to me?

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£4000!! thats really low now!
suprised it hasnt gone, looks tidy.
(maybe you should consider rebadging it Nismo rather than GTR danny.. apparently thats allowed!! lol lol!)
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