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Laurel C35

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1999 Laurel C35 RB25DET


I wanted a great japanese car, of course a Nissan :)
I stod between Skyline r-33,Stagea and a Laurel. As you can se I got a Laurel.
Bougth it from a auction in Japan and get it shipped over to Norway, took a long time, but those who wait for something good does not wait in vain...

It is a 1999mod Nissan Laurel GC35 with a RB25DET Neo. This is the top model with comfort and all kind of stuff.
It has some faults but it's in okey shape.
Think it is realy rare here in Europe.

All C35 Laurel was delivered from the factory with automatic transmission, mine is rebuilt with a manual one :)

I don't know all the specs yet, but here is some;
3" exhaust
18" Rays rims
Open air filter
Fully adjustable coilovers
Manual gearbox from skyline
Race clutch
Some kind of diff
Wonder bodykit

Have som parts to fit soon,like HKS electronic boostcontroller,boost gauge and FMIC.
Maybe I will have a bigger turbo,injectors and Power FC later...

Some pics!

Feel free to comment :D
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Nice car, welcome to the club.
Stunning car mate welcome along :)

Love the Laurel.... this is a very nice example!
...and it's manaul :D

These cars can be one hell of a sleeper!
The only thing i dont like about it is the fact its not mine.
Keep us updated mate and loads of pics...
Velkommen. Fet C35, har en C32 stående å ruste selv :spank: Er du fra vestlandet?
Thanks :)

Takk,nei er ikke det.

Nice, - fast and comfortable ............. I must be getting old.

I love stuff that's a bit different - and this is.

Cool Car
That is just awesome , i would love to have one. Know of a black one but the white is really fresh looking on it
Awesome, I bid on a couple of Laurels recently but they went for much more that my bid so I ended up going for an R34 4 door, still feel a little gutted I didn't hold out for a laurel though love them but had to use my head a bit as I wanted it for drfting and laurel body pannels would be rather hard to get hold of over here.
coooool man,propa vip style their. black her out. sink her to the deck.... awesome.
I love it so far :D
I had a S13 before, but this can not be compared..
nice - seen one driftin at a local circuit a year or so ago - was nice to watch as u never see them ever :bigthumb:
those stickers on the bumpers, are they your number plates?
Nice car mate :bigthumb: Reminds me of, dare i say it... a mercedes from the outside. Proper nice mate, in the words of an essex girl im "wel jel" :D
Nice car mate. One word ... PIMP! Would look great as a blacked out lowrider.
Thanks a lot :)

Yes the stickers i temporary numberplates.

I know about the "merc" rims. I think those RAYS is rare and expensive rims...Thinking about new rims from XXR or ROTA next year.

Today I have to get the ridehight 2cm higher in front because of bad roads and speedbumpers here.
I don't want do smash the frontbumper, not easy to get a new one...

Going to a big Nissan meet next weekend
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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