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Read on, pictures later.

About 3 hours ago now I was coming back from a drive in the Skyline and I lost the back end out of a damp corner, not on the corner mind but booting it on the straight.

Back end out she headed for the ditch, dove in and flipped.

I recall whilst in mid air (upside down) doing the crash position thing and covering my head and then she hit dirt. Not much to report landing wise, very soft really.
And then of course it was quiet.

Although it wasn't very quiet because the stereo was still going with my favourite Bond themes CD (how can a CD player still be working?) and I'm thinking, whilst being upside down, how funny is Louis Armstrong singing "We've got all the time in the world"? When you're waiting for the petrol tank to explode.

Oh the irony.

So I'm looking for a way out. Well I turned the stereo off 1st coz it was annoying and then looked for a way out. All I could see out of both side windows was the dirt of the ditch and the front window was mostly covered by the bent up bonnet. No way out of the back.

By this time I had established that rather bizarrely I was completely unhurt and after releasing the seat belt I was kind of the right way up, but I still wanted out. Fishing around I found some of the errant tools and got a big heavy 1/2" socket drive bar and started smashing what I could see of the windscreen.

Which broke easier than I thought.

From what I could see of the gap I'm wondering how TF I'm gonna get through that but then I remembered that most humans only need a head sized gap to squeeze through.

By this time I could hear people outside but to be truthful I don't think they were expecting to hear me. So when I said "could you please pull me outta here" they were a bit surprised.

I made my 2nd mistake then and didn't put an arm out first so had to be dragged by the collars through the mud. Never mind hey!

So there I am standing amidst a whole heap of people with not a scratch on me.

I turn around and the car is:

Upside down

Facing the wrong way

Wedged in a ditch (full of water)

About 100 yards down the road

...from where it 1st went in.

Oh my.

Yes and surrounded on one side by massive trees.

Everyone was very nice. I remember a very concerned lady saying I should sit down and a gentleman too that seemed to know what to do. Bt a couple of lads were like "ooh whats that car then!", oh yeah it's a Supra, *******s in the wet you know... :disappointed:

So I'm thinking now no thread is complete without pictures and get the old phone out but am swiftly ushered away to a seat and some more kind words.

All very surreal.

And I'm looking back at the car and it's f***ed, I mean truly and utterly f***ed. Why am I alive? Am I waiting for the aircraft engine to fall out of the sky any day and hit me?

I walk back out to entertain my public and am mistaken for another passer by "wow that looks bad is there any one in it?" one chap says.

"No I hope not there was just me driving" :bananasmile:

Then the ambulance turns up and it's a thorough check-up but the paramedic can't believe it. He said that when he saw the car he didn't "expect to be needed". Mmhh.

So I checked to make sure I was alive and not watching myself from above or something, still alive.

It was a while before the bobbies turned up, they were in fact beaten by a fire engine and another ambulance was turned around before it got there.

Now we've all had a go at the Police a few times on here, and probably with justification, but these guys were like angels. Of course I had the breath test (clear) and some of the usual questions but with no witnesses and no one else involved there was nothing else to discuss.

How fast was I going? I don't know but given the corners I was doing before I reckon 50 mph and the killer was booting it in 3rd from there on the straight.

The Constables talked to me, weren't judgemental and were very professional. Obviously they fished for a bit of information but didn't press. I asked them how I'd feel later and they said I might need a drink or two and that I shouldn't be surprised if I felt a lot worse in a few hours.

Which presently I don't.

The council and a recovery vehicle turned up after about 1/2 an hour. The council to clear the road (which was covered in spoilers, dirt and oil) and other lot to remove my vehicle.

After she was righted I collected a few spanners and stuff and jumped into the wagon and the PC's took me home.

I'd called my wife just after I got out to tell her what had happened and that I was OK, but she'd still broken down on the phone. So I'd got our friends to check on her and when I called her back as I was leaving she was better and I spoke to the kids, they were good too.

While I was collecting some stuff at the scene I heard some council guys talking: "f***in' incredible" one said. The Policeman saw my puzzled look and said something along the lines of "you, that's what's incredible you're alive, look at that mess".

He was right. And I remember now the first thing he said when he saw me was:

"I want your lottery numbers".

I'm back at home now, I've had the steak I bought earlier for tea and still no serious aches.

In about 5 minutes I'm going to put the kids to bed and read my youngest a story.

I am still alive.

Tomorrow maybe I'll start to wonder what for?

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The main thing is you are ok chap!

Its gonna be hard for you when you finally see the full damage to the car in the cold light of day but console yourself with the thought that cars can be replaced & people can't!!

Get yourself in a hot bath & have a soak in there cus im sure you are gonna ache tomorrow chap!

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crashing a skyline is bad,i have done it once,in a ditch similar to you but i had my aunty in at the time,we were ok and im glad you are too,cars can be replaced,mine was mended but only just scraped though insurance,just so glad you are ok mate

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fkn hell bill was reading and wandering what the punchline would be.........
main thing is your ok.

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Actually I was epxecting a punchline too. Glad you walked away from it mate. I bet that steak tasted better than ever.

The Cunning Linguist
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Jesus mate, I'm so glad your all right.

Make sure you give your self some quite time, just for you to sit, think and take it all in.

It might take a while, I had a funny spell after about 48hrs where it came back and I broke down. After that it felt like a weight had been lifted from me.

For once I find myself saying forget the pictures mate, not interested, just glad your still with us.

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Was the steak nice? not too beaten before cooked? Seiously though.... I thought it was a story...

Im pissed and read your post and im god smacked.... its so easy done but mate im sooooo glad im not writing RIP in this message.

Cars are machines and death traps its sooo easy done only today a guy driving up the road clipped a parked car and boom the mess was inreal.

Mate your still alive cars can be replaced and its crazy how in slow motion it goes so fast....

Im going to say the drinks i had tonight were for you :) have a drink tonight and tomorrow you will be stonger and see how easy life can go.

Glad your okay mate so much so easy done.


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so sorry to hear that mate and i too thought that was a joke but am glad you are unhurt mate and hope you feel better in the morning.

we are here if you need anything.

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Holy cow mate??!?!??!

As everyones said... Hope your alright..... Life changing for sure!!!

Did you manage to get any pictures?

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Glad you're ok mate, and sorry about the car.
Was reading this thinking you'd won the lottery, or waiting for a punchline like the others, but you won more than the lottery, a second chance at life.

You'll be back bigger and better, and i'm glad you're still here with us.

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Jeez richard, thank god you are alright!!

If there is ANYTHING i or the forum can do then just say it
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