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Limitless Imports

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First id like to say Hi to everyone one the forum and introduce myself and my company
My name is Matthew and I run Limitless Imports.
Im a fairly new company but ive been active on the sxoc for a few months now as a trader with a few successful group buys etc

What I have to offer you guys. Basically here at Limitless Imports we provide a first class one on one import service. You come to us with a parts request and we will source it for you.We deal with all makes of car and tuning brands in japan making those hard to come by parts easier to access. We Can also get Oem parts direct from nissan japan (usually at a cheaper cost than uk dealers) yahoo bidding service aswell as vehicle imports is also available. Your parts are shipped directly from our hub in JAPAN straight to your door and we are able to ship world wide.
Over the next few months we are hoping to have a container arranged where we will be bringing over engines, gearboxes, coilovers, rollcages,body parts etc.So if anybody is wanting anything shipped that usually couldnt be shipped cost effectively due to size or weight its will soon be possible.
Heres our fb page if you wouldn't mind giving it a like and theres a few examples of items/cars we have supplied or can get hold of.
For any inquires or questions
I can be contacted on either here, fb or email which is [email protected]

I will be putting up a thread later to see what kind of group buys you'd be interested in.

Thanks for looking
[email protected]
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Welcome along this sounds like a good service ..
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