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little help needed

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ppl, Im doing a turbo conversion on my r33 rb25de (wills r33 project) I have sourced a t3 turbo ect which is just an oil cooled one so im saving a bit of time not neeeding the water type like the standard turbo. Where does the oil feed come from for the turbo as i dont know what oil blanking bit looks like that im looking for on the side of the engine.
hope you understand where im coming from
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Not sure about the skylines, yet to get my grubby mits on mine, but when i looked into this on a mk3 supra you took the in feed from a sandwich plate at the oil filter and tapped the sump to put in the return.
well iv already got a oil cooler and sandwich plate fitted but im pretty sure theres a feed and return on the turbo side on the engine block. May be wrong tho
its normally just at the top of the block around pot 3, would it not have been easier and more tunable to just buy a turbo engine ?
not to worry guys i have all the parts off today and have found the blanking bolts
Thanks anyways
right then ppl, i have founf the feed and thats all sorted, i have found the mark where the return should be put as i have found out its not a case of undoing the bolt like the oil feed is. Is there another way of returning the oil back to the sump without drilling the block, could i drill into the sump? I know that the oil has to drain freely and quickly otherwise the oil will just sit in the turbo....Any ideas ppl?
drill into the sump and solder a pipe to it, connect the turbo and the soldered pipe with some rubber pipe :D
Usually I have taken oil feeds from where the oil pressure switch is located and t'd off from there and just tapped or welded a return to the sump above the oil level line and away from the pick up,
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