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I am going to have my wife help me dig thru site as well, but if anyone knows if theres a decent engine lying around in Germany I can puck up without too much hassle or setting my wallet on fire. RB25, 26, 30, whatever. As long as I can pick it up soon and it's in running condition. I'm trying not to sink too much $$ into this damn thing in the 1st place, but I wont sell a car thats in any way unsafe, unfinished, or damaged. Karma and stuff..
Im in the Grafenwoehr area, eastern Germany/ Czech Border. I have a hatchback, so I can drive and pick up the block, just dont want to haveto travel more than 4 hrs if I can help it.
PM me or email me at boostedzx (at)

its an 1995 r33 gtst spec1, so I'd prefer that spec.

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