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this will take approx 2hours (both my mirrors had this problem)

This is for all you guys whos mirror/s dont work . Its real easy to fix . did mine last night . All you need is a 10mm spanner , screwdrivers and real good glue(poxy glue) . Remove the wingmirror from the car , you,ll need to remove the door card . Once the mirror has been removed the fun starts .

First you have to remove the Mirror glass . It is just clipped on . It unclips from the bottom end of the mirror (be careful ) . Once thats done you'll have to remove the the motor unit cause the problem lies inside by a little circuit board . There are several screws holding the motor in place . there are 3 screws(very tight) holding the mirror casing on the arm which it swivels on and a little screw under that .
Then there are six screws to be removed inside the casing , 3 big and 3 medium size ones .

Once the motor is outside the casing there is a plastic cover that clips off and under that is the circuit board . The problem lies under the circuit board with 2 little metal brushes that have come loose . Thats why there is no power to the motor . The circuit board is clipped on a round plastic piece but the circuit board cannot be removed until the plastic piece is removed from the inner shaft . Needs to be lifted off by placing to little flat screw drivers under it and slowly lifting it . Take care not to slip and damage circuit board .

Then once that is done remove the circuit board from the plastic piece . lying inside the plastic piece is the two brushes . Glue them back down and wait for glue to dry . Only once the glue is dry may you put the circuit board back . The circuit board needs to be able to turn Freely on the plastic piece otherwise it wont work .

Now put it back together making sure that you put it all back the way it came apart . Job done !!!!!!!!!

Note : When clipping the mirror glass back use a little bit of glue just to be certain it dont come loose

PM me or phone me at 07825271016 if you have any questions .:bigthumb:
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