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Hello, Im thinking about getting a manual conversion on my Nissan Skyline R33.

I have A LOT of questions regarding manual conversions.

What are the parts needed?
Average cost per part? what if they are second hand?
Are second hand parts good to use if they've been thrashed?
How to find the perfect 2nd hand gearbox?
How do you get engine modification certifications in New Zealand?
How long will it take (approximately)?

The engine I have in my Skyline are an RB20E but I was told that I can use RB20DE gearboxes because the only difference is the dual overhead cam (DOHC)

And any additional advice will be highly appreciated.

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Oh boy..... where do I start lol
....actually, I'll start with welcome to the forums!

Firstly, is it really worth spending money on a GTS? Not criticizing your car mate but its an entry level car and not worth a whole lot! But if you plan to keep it etc then all good :)

This is most, but probably not all of what you need...

Gearbox and shifter(duh lol)
Gearbox crossmember (not sure your auto one fits)
Driveshaft (front half)
Clutch pedal + lines
Slave cylinder, master cylinder
Brake pedal (you can modify yours)
Clutch plate/pressure plate etc (clutch kit will be easier)
Spigot bush (I think)
There is probably more

You can use ANY RB gearbox.... the bellhousing is the same throughout the range, but I think yours has an electronic sensor for the speedo (no speedo calbe) so don't buy an R32 gearbox. An R33 GTS25 gearbox is the same as the R32 GTS-t, so for a bit of added strength but not too pricey the GTS25 box is your best option.

There is a difference between turbo and n/a flywheels (bolt pattern and size), so whatever clutch you buy it needs to match the type of flywheel you have.

You don't need an LVV Cert if all factory parts and bolt holes are used and you don't modify parts (no welding of parts to make them fit etc)

Bottom line is, most parts you need are going to be second hand.... you just can't rock up to Nissan and expect them to have a new gearbox sitting on the shelf. Only advice I can give here is buyer beware as there is no real way to tell if a gearbox is good until its fitted. Other parts like the clutch pedal, driveshaft etc dont suffer from 'wear n tear' so these sorta 2nd hand parts you shouldn't have a problem with

Some parts you should go new though. Buy an off the shelf clutch kit, slave cylinder and master cylinder. If you plan to upgrade the engine at some point to a turbo, I highly recommend buying a turbo flywheel as clutch options open up!

Cost per part? Well, that can vary a lot so shop around... TardMe is usually the best place to look.
Its usually easier to buy a complete manual conversion.... I sold one a couple of years back to suit an R32 GTS-t for $1k mates rates

Fitting it all.... are you doing it yourself? If you are, are you fairly clued up with cars?

Hope that helps mate, don't hesitate to ask more questions :)
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