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This probably a very stupid question but I'll ask it anyway.
Why does the online quote vary so much from the one you get over the phone?
All the details were the same except engine size. That is actually smaller than the online quote system allowed. get the quote. Call up to finalise...... and get given a figure £300 more!
Result. Currently looking elsewhere now.
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The online quote is not a guaranteed price. We ask you to call in so we can go over ALL details to both ensure the details are all correct, and to see if anything can be adjusted to help reduce the premium.

Without looking at your exact quote it would be impossible to say why the premium has increased, it may be that something else changed when going over your details.

If you are still looking for insurance please do PM me your details & I will go over the quote myself to try and work out what has happened (Sorry for the delay in replying, I didn't receive a notification I'm afraid)

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