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Give Middlehurst a ring i phoned them recently for the code for inside the engine bay on mine as it has some slight rust and within 1hr they phoned me with the code.

A pdf of the vin plate & how to read it. Ie everthing marked. Give us yer e mail & i`ll send it to you now if you like.

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Here's a list of virtually all the colour codes for R32, R33 and R34 GTR's. I assume the GTS colour codes are somewhat similar


326 - Crystal White
KH2 - Gunmetal Grey
KL0 - Super Silver Metallic
AH3 - Red Pearl
732 - Black Pearl Metallic
BL0 - Greyish Blue Pearl - Special Order
TH1 - Dark Blue Pearl - Special Order


ANO- Super Clear Red
BN6 - Deep Marine Blue
KH3- Black
KLO- Spark Silver
KN6 - Dark Grey
LP2- Midnight Purple
QM1 - White
KP4- Sonic Silver
AR1- Super Clear Red II


TV2 - Bayside Blue
QM1 - White
KR4 - Sonic Silver
KV2 - Athlete Silver
GV1 - Black Pearl
AR2 - Active Red
EV1 - Lightning Yellow
LV4 - Midnight Purple 2
QX1 - White Pearl
LX0 - Midnight Purple 3
WV2 - V.Spec2 models (unsure of actual colour)
EY0 - Mspec models (unsure of actual colour)
JW0 - NUR models (unsure of actual colour)

Thinking of a colour change then Smiffy :eek:
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