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The first MissBanzai Tunnel run

Date - Saturday 24th November 2007
Time - 7:30pm meet... The run will be setting off in groups from 8:30pm to 9pm.
Place - The O2 Dome carpark - Off of Millenium Way.

The O2
Peninsula Square
SE10 0DX

We would prefer people pre pay for their route maps before the night, as it means we dont need to worry about collecting cash.
For this we have set up the following
We will of course have a few spare maps on the night for people who have not pre paid, but these will not be guaranteed.

The price for one of our lovely maps is £4 with ALL the money going to our chosen charity.

Please dont forget when filling out your online donation to make sure you add you club name and your username in the My Message section on the JustGiving site. This is most important as we will have a list on the night that we will tick off as you arrive and collect your map.

If you have never done a Tunnel Run before, the aim of the night is to drive round London taking in as many tunnels as possible, and making as much noise as possible whilst going through them

We must note that the Tunnel Run is NOT a race, and MissBanzai do not condone any unsafe or dangerous driving.

Please cut and paste this on any other forums that you may be a member of as all clubs are welcome.

If you have any problems with registering etc, please PM me and I will sort it out! :D

This should be a fantastic evening, and Ant will be doing a photoshoot afterwards!

Please put your names down here too, so I can compile a list, which will help on the nite to make sure than none of you miss out!

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Oh sweet... I was just wondering where you need to look on this great wide t'internet to find out details about tunnel running, and up this pops :) Count me in.

1) Snlft.

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I think this is a cool idea and may well come, just don't think I'll have the money to spare on fuel or I'd def be there :(

Holy crap your pics are good ant. I'm impressed everytime I see some :D
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