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400 bhp turbo for sale

i'm in the process of upgrading my turbo to a top mount so i will be selling my stanard manifold and upgraded turbo that has steel internals and also been re-machined, the turbo is good for 1.2 bar, i have also run this turbo at 1.3 bar but it does drop off rather quick when it reachs it so the best thing i can say is the standard turbo re-worked is good for 1.2 bar and it will hold it put this into bhp and you are looking at 380 which is very good it also has a hks ajustable actuator and i have had no problems with it, and also turbo elbow.
it cost me over £850 to have this work done to the turbo this is a bloody good turbo
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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