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Hello ! I've got about £5-£6k to spend on a new car and have a short list of impreza wrx, 200sx or a skyline. The trouble is that I'm a bit confused by the skyline models and don't seem to be able to find somewhere to compare the stats on them. Used to have a 300 twin tub so am thinking of things like this.
Scooby: +practical, +easy parts, -common as muck, -likely to have been boy racered at that money, -four wheel drive may equal lack of involvement
200sx: + rwd, +light weight = good response to tuning, +mpg with light foot, -appearance, -will disappoint after 300TT ?
Skyline seems to fit the bill somewhere in between.

My driving is 70 miles of motorway and about 12 miles of small lanes every day, the lanes need to make up for the mway.
For that money I'm pretty sure I'll be looking at an R32 but don't know the models, can anyone help ? Really want to be looking at the 280bhp mark for starters.
If it's easier to mail me you can use [email protected]
Really appreciate any help !
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