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This Xmas Offer, again, We have here, the following bumpers, for £ 249.99 Each. And I have done a deal with the Courier that delivery within Mainland UK is ONLY £ 17.50 up to Xmas with this Bumper Offers

Bumpers As below;

R33 GTS/T Spec 1

Top Secret


C West
Top Secret

We can also supply these Painted and Delivered for £ 399 :)

For those who are not aware, our bumpers are NOT made in UK, they are NOT in the White Fibre Glass form, They are fully smoothened, prep'd, in grey primer and ready to paint. FULLY MESHED TOO.

We have seen most Fibre Glass products you get here and on ebay, have so much AIR within the fibre glass layers, which means when the product is painted and is baked in the booth (oven), the air bubble expands and pops, which will result in double or 3 times the amount of time to rectify the problem, i.e. extra labour time / charges.

We gurantee our fibre glass products will not suffer from this defect.

Limited Stock only, so treat yourself this Xmas, :dogpile:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts