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Hi all, I've seen a few fellow Skyline owners around my area and was wondering if they belonged to anybody here!

The first one is a White R34 GT-T Coupe with a Nismo body kit, GT wing and black Nismo LMGT4s. That build is super clean and it looks like a car with no expense spared. Second is a Yellow R34 Coupe with a body kit/wing I've never seen before, but it still looks good. There's one more White R34 Coupe and a Silver GT-T Sedan getting around.

There's also a White R33 GTS-T getting around. Has a few upgrades from the sounds of it. There are two more R33s, one Red and one White with blue accents.

I've also spotted 3 R32 GT-Rs and a GTS-T. If these belong to any of you, nice work! The cars all look super tidy.
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