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So I have this car, and I'm trying to find out more of its personal history. As stated it's a 1991 R32 GTR Skyline.

I know its history back to when it was exported from Tokyo, but nothing solid before that. The guy I bought it from purchased it from Royal Trading Japanese Car Dealers in Tokyo. I tried contacting them, but I was unable to get any info from them.

The car was stripped for some form of racing, no back seats, had a full roll cage, definitely uprated fuel pump, taped tail lights, etc.

I've had 2 history reports pulled on it, the reason for this is that in 2016 it was re-vinned, according to the reports, due to a severe enough accident.

The original vin is BNR32-213963, the history ended in 2016. The new vin is simply 616-1122, and the history picked up where the old vin ended in 2016.

In the end I'd just like to try to find out more of where this car has been. It obviously has had a bit of a unique past and I'd love to learn more.

Any advice or suggestions I appreciate.

Thank you.
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