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my 1st ever skybus*** 4 DOOR ***

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been on here a while but up until yesterday id always owned S bodies, but heres my new skyline, hope ya approve:bigthumb:

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nice 32 mate i remember seeing your cars on the sxoc then i did the jump to skylines lol

whats your plans for it mate?? if you fancy selling the bonnet and bumper give me a shout.
hi and welcome.
thats nice.
check out that exhaust!! straight on thru!! lol
I like that! not a fan of two tone as a rule but it hang together nice!
my current plans are to gte the rear archs sorted then get the bottom half of the car painted silver to match the rest, got some nice work VS's to go on it and a bigger tubby and thats about it, for now !!:bigthumb:
welcome to the club nice 32
welcome to the club nice 32
as above :) what size exhaust pipe you running?

Hi a very warm welcome to the club buddy. Love the car and a 4 door as well now thats cool. Would you fancy becoming a world record holder, and doing your first national show? If you fancy this checkout this thread, and PM me asap.
Enjoy your stay with us mate, Cheers.
Very nice car mate :)
nice 32 4door got one of these myself stashed away somewhere lol bet its loud without the back box on.welcome to the club mate
Really like that. Love the photo with the little lad too!
approved mate LOL
keep the 2tone paint scheme
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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