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I used to drive this 350Z before buying the skyline. Paint on zeds are notoriously thin and stone chips are a common problem but when detailed the results can be great, especially azure. The reflection was great and the paint really pops in the sun

Here's a quick write up about products, methods and pics of the results

Had the car 3 years or so and my detailing regime was pretty simple. It was machine polished at funky power when the bodykit was fitted, the rest was done by me

Ok so my method for a big detail was wash, clay, rinse, dry, polish, wax, more wax, quick detailer if I wasn't too tired! Other than paintwork I would polish windows, metal polish on the exhaust tips, tyre dressing

Shampoo- nothing special, 5L bottle of car plan shampoo from the cash n carry

Clay- I used meguires from one of the kits with warm water and shampoo

Drying- cheap and cheerful microfibres from asda

Polish- autoglym super resin polish

Wax- I used a combination of dodo juice purple haze and megs tech wax. Dodo juice is a proper wax- great at repelling water but the shine from tech wax was better, looked more glossy. Tech wax has a polishing compound in it so I tended to use tech wax after polish, then dodo juice at the end to seal it

Also in smaller details without polishing I used to alternate between the waxes

Detailers- megs quick detailer is great. When I ran out on a Sunday evening my only option was demon shine (not expecting much) but for the price the results were good!

When washing without waxing I used a detailer to dry the car and add to the shine

Heres how it looked when clean

Need to start the skyline in the spring
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