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Bad Ass Mo Fo!
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hey all..

i really have to get serious now, and sell my car.

So offers (sensible ones!) will be considered!

Ok, so off the top of my head, here is the run down....

FRP GTR front bumper with GTR grill
FRP Bomex sideskirts with rear spats (ultra rare!!)
FRP Bumper with DTM air inlet for more airflow to air filter
Drift spec rear spoiler
painted rear skyline panel
NISMO clear indicator lens - front spot types and sides! (very rare again!)
17" Rota GTR alloys with very sticky rubber all round
painted calipers
HID headlights with DUAL headlight mod
LED sidelights

Blitz FMIC with hardpipe and silicon hoses
Blitz SUS air filter with adaptor kit
Full reconditioned coil pack
Spec 2 engine
Iridium plugs newly changed
turbo boost set for 0.85 max.
2 stage manual boost controller (unused at the moment as running max boost)
painted cam cover, sparks cover, fusebox cover and radiator mounts
Trust exhaust system - all the way to the turbo elbow!
Hi-flow racing cat

Handling: (this is the fun bit imho!)
Nismo strut bars front and rear (tower type - rare again!) in black
ARC thick anti-roll bars front and rear
Beilstein suspension with Eibach springs
ATS 2 way locking diff
Nismo suspension struts

MoMo steering wheel with spare spacers if needed
Razo pedals and gearknob
LED interior light
Has been previously fitted with roll cage (no longr with car)

(i think i missed out something, but cant remember!)

Last dyno on a hot day before intercooler and lower turbo boost, was achieving 320, so i dont know what it will do, but guessing approx 340? I am sure more must have been done to the car, as it is still exceedingly quick!

I have only ever raced the car twice at Crail, and possibly in aug at Knockhill.

I am looking in the region of £6500. But as said prev, open to offers.

Bad Ass Mo Fo!
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please do pass on info, that would be grreat!

and yes, there are loads, but i need some good ones, as the ones i take dont do it justice ;)
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