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My Cartography

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Here is a selection of photos ive taken of friends,my brother (s2000) & cars ive seen at shows,meets etc etc hope you like them guys & girls :)

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Here is a shot I just took outside now of my bro's S2k thought id play with the white balance. its slightly under exposed think thats down to the ISO I had it at im not one for exceeding ISO100 with nightime cartography.

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Few too many pics to offer constructive crit, but I really like the side-on Celica shot under the humber bridge!

Could've put the windows back up though ;)
Im trying to convert my landscape photography skills to cars but seem to lack something in my pictures lol, great to see and admire other peoples talents. What camera do u use?
some lovely pics there.

Wish my pics would come out that well on my dslr
Nice pics Djmp23! I have gizzmo boost controller? have any pics of installation? :p

See you!
ive got a greedy profec b installed TC :) the gizzmo sticker is now off the boot.

@ Angel inc. I use a couple of Kodak cameras I know some people may think kodak why not canon,nikon,pentax etc etc the thing is the resolution on my kodaks is really high so Im able to catch alot of detail with such a small DLSR :) plus less wieght to have to carry around at shows and meets hahaha
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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