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R33 Nissan Skyline RB25DET

2.5 litre Single Turbo

1 previous UK owner

Comprehensive Service History since arrival in the UK.

Original auction report & supporting documentation from Tokyo, Japan.

66,000 miles.

Tuned by Weston Performance, maintained by MGT Racing.

Proven power output of 306.6bhp @ 0.84bar

All the usual Skyline extras, Climate Control, Electric Windows, Folding Door mirrors, Electric mirrors, Air conditioning, Central locking.

Fitted with Alarm & Immobiliser.

Always ran on SHELL V-POWER

Power Modifications:

Apexi SAFC Neo Fuel Controller
Turbosmart E-Boost 2 Boost Controller
Kakimoto Racing Cat stainless steel exhaust system
Stainless steel de-cat
Stainless steel turbo elbow pipe
Iridium Spark Plugs
Front Mounted Intercooler
Apexi Induction Kit

Exterior Modifications:

JUN Front bumper
JUN Sideskirts
JDL Tuning Rear bumper
18" Weds Novaris Alloy wheels 9.5" Wide Rears 8.5" Wide fronts
4 x Good tyres with plenty of tread
GTR Rear Spoiler with real Carbon Fibre Blade

Interior Modifications:

Richbrook Gear Knob
Blue LED Dash Lights

The buyer of this car can have the original GTS interior RETRIMMED in Leather & Alcantara, colour choice is yours!!! Whatever price you buy the car for...the interior will be tricked out in your desired style for FREE!!!!!


JVC Chameleon Head Unit MP3 Player
2 x Sunvisor TV Screens Retrimmed in Black Leather
12" Vibe EVO Active Subwoofer
Infinity Reference Speakers front & rear

I have owned this car for just over 1 year. I looked for a long time to find a Skyline in as good condition as this one as there is a lot of junk out there.

This car hasnt been abused, never raced and looked after very well, cleaned religiously weekly.

I have used this car to go to various shows to help promote my business of Custom Interior Specialists, hence the stickers on the sideskirts.

This car is seriously QUICK! Not for the faint-hearted! I have never owned a car that turns so many heads in my life and I doubt I ever will again!

If you are looking for a Skyline to thrash around in go elsewhere...there are plenty of tatty ones around.

If you are looking for a Skyline that turns heads, drives superbly, never misses a beat and a car that you can be proud to own and drive then give me a call.

You wont be dissappointed!

Priced to reflect the condition.

If you buy a cheaper car you will only end up spending a lot more to get it looking and driving as well as this one!

This car came Runner Up in the Show & Shine competition at this years Modified Mayhem Car Show!



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Front bumper is cracked a bit...pic below...reason I havent had it fixed is that the front bumper is LOW...and will probably get caught again at some stage...its inevitable! I propose to wait until it noticably needs fixing before its repaired...


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Why are you selling it?

Techno Freak here - This was my car which I had for two years before very, very reluctantly selling it to Neo. I can vouch for the car, it was brilliant when I had ( albeit very standard back then ).

If you search my username you will pretty much get the whole UK history of the car, as I used to post on here regularly.

Anyway, I say reluctantly sold it to Neo - I only sold it as we were emigrating. I am sat here now in my house in Melbourne, Australia after blowing the proceeds of the sale, ( and a WHOLE lot more besides ), on an awsome 3 month trip across America and South America on my way here.

To anyone I used to chat with on here, ( especially Vicky ), G'day - how are you all?

Anyway, sorry for the mini hijack Neo - good luck with the sale.

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Hi Tony I hope you are enjoying your life in Oz! :D

Mate I am absolutely gutted to be selling the plan was to never sell it! :(

I think I may actually shed a tear when this car goes as Ive put so much time and effort into getting it look exactly how I pictured it would look when I bought it.

Its a brilliant car, no doubt about that.

The only reason im selling is that at the moment, it doesnt make personal financial sense to keep it. I havent been using it much as I have a diff car for getting to work and I cant justify having it sitting on the drive...I wish I could believe me!

Anyway, I have now SOLD it to a cracking guy from Cardiff. I am sure he will be in and around the forum for a long time. I am very happy that it is sold to someone on here as this car really is my metal baby and I want it looked after.

I came home last night and saw it sitting on the drive, glowing under the low level street lights....looked awesome and I thought "why!".

The deal is done...ill be back in a Skyline one day, I know I will! For now the new owner will be the one with a smile on his face everytime he drives this car, with people stopping in the streets and pointing when it drives past!

What a car :D
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