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What a WEEKEND!!

I'll let you know what i've been upto this weekend,

Friday night, i was asked to do a demo in the Autoglym/Santa pod R32 at Norfolk arena for basically there was 2 of us, Julian Smith in his 450bhp RB30 powered Castrol R32 and Me in the 430bhp RB20 powered Pod R32. I'd NEVER even driven the car before the display, so it was going to be fun LOL. For the demo we did a 3 warm up laps so i could get a feel of the car, then we did some twin donuts round Julian's partner, he actually hit her, well, just nudged her. I laughed :) We then went on to twin battles, there was no judging like, we did about 5 laps each battle, i was right on his ass in the 1st battle and he just kept up with me in the 2nd. Was really good to drive with someone like Julian and actually do pretty well in a car that i didn't know.

Anyway, onto The British Open........

We left Norfolk at 10pm and set off on the 190 mile drive to Teesside Autodrome in a transit with the taxi on a trailer. 50/55mph all the way, ao we made it to Teesside at 2.15am, we parked up, had a bite to eat and a couple of tinnys before we slept in Le'Hotel de Transito. I was awoken at 7.30am by one of the marshall's in his medical car thinking it was funny to wack the sirens on right next to the transit.........Grrrrrrr!! LOL

Anyway, onto Morning practice, i went straight out onto the west track that teesside use for Practice/Qualifying and was happy with how everything was going, i was getting the 3 clipping points pretty well. I was pleased overall how the practice went.

Onto qualifying, you do 1 warm up lap, and then 3 judged runs with your 2 highest scores being averaged to get your final qualifying score.

I'd said to my pit team, if i do well in the 1st 2 runs, i was going to clip the 2nd clipping point with my rear bumper, it's a solid tyre wall mind LOL!!!

the 1st run was great, i lost a little bit of speed up the hill due to the high angle i was at, but got a 93/100

2nd run was the best although i was a little wide of the 3rd clipping point, i scored 94/100

So, onto the 3rd, where it didn't really matter what i did, soooooooo..........

Needless to say, i was a bit gutted that i didnt actually clip the clipping point, but that photo made up for it :) I scored 91/100.

I qualified in joint 2nd but was moved to 3rd as Paul Smith had a 94/95 and 92 out of 100 so just beating me on the 3rd run by 1 point!!

I was drawn against a great mate called Ren Morocco, he drives a 340bhp BMW M3, on the 1st battle we were even 5-5, on the 2nd battle was very close, i closed right up on him on the 1st 3rd gear right hander, but i shifted into 4th instead of 2nd and straightened up, i soon put it back into 2nd and was off to catch him up again, but the jusges noticed my mistake an Ren was awarded the win 6-4.

I was so pleased for him, but also a bit disappointed with my error.

The weekend was absolutely amazing, DriftUK and all the other organisers deserve a right good pat on the back. I really cant wait for the 2008 season now.

Here are some pics from the British Open.............

Thanks for reading



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wow, awesome stuff. I need to go to a drift practice day at some point and have a crack at all this. Seems fun++ :D

Well done though, looks like you did well :)
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