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my first day working at the gtr shop

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well guys can it get any better woo
after a real bad year last year
things are getting better now :)

look what i was doing the first real day at work
working for dave


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a few more lol

think am going to love work now ahahhaha
am still buzzing


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i hate you soooo much right now lol

what time u at pd this afternoon?
Niceone mate :). Thought the Veilside car sold?
few more lol

what a lush car!
what a lucky man I am he he
what i can't have it?lol


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am not going today any more mark have to go to work gr be 2morrow now

it is sold wish it was mine hahaha
Any jobs going?, lol
i like them dials
think they look funky lol
Very nice :D Interesting intercooler piping arrangement; not seen that before.
its not intercooler piping

Its the return for the dump valve's
What's the smiley for highly embarrassed? :eek: (in my defence, not that I really have one, seems utter overkill for recirc plumbing)
i dream of the day i can actually say "i love my job" good on you mate looks like you landed a dream job :D
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