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Hi Guys

I am currently in the process of getting my car sorted with lots of new goodiesand im wondering what kind of power can I be expecting when its all finished.

The spec is as follows. ( I will see if I can remember it all)

RB25 DET Series two engine.

3. APEXI Induction Kit
4. Kakimoto (??) Full exhaust
5. Uprated turbo elbow with screamer bit!
6. Nice big front pipe (exhaust)
7. Nismo Metal Headgasket (1.4mm)
8. Nismo 555cc injectors
9. Nismo 280lph fuel pump
10. Greddy Profec B Spec 2 (prob set at 1.2-1.4bar)
11. Uprated turbo - standard casing, I need to send this away to get it checked out and if its not uprated it soon will be.
12. Nice new clutch.

I cant think of what else at the moment, there prob is more.

So can anyone think of any other safeguards mods that are good at this kind of level and what power do you think it will give me?

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If it is a steel internal std turbo it will probably only run at 1.2bar as the housing is not big enough, therefore you may only get 400ish bhp.

If i were you i wouldn't go past 450bhp at the fly on standard internals anyway as they are prone to failure above this.

You won't need a steel head gasket at this power level either.

Are you running a screamer pipe off the internal wastegate?
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