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Thought i would start another project thread for my skyline r33 GTR after having a long project thread about my GTST which in the end i broke. found here

Here some pics taken from Jap fest may 11th 2013

Spec :-

Top End :-

Full port and polish
Full Squish/quench process
New valve job
New Valve stem seals
+1 mm Tomei Oversized valves
Tomei bronze guides
NEW Tomei Cam Cap studs
HKS V-Cam step 1 type b
HKS Step II 280 10.2 Exhaust cam
HKS vernier cam pulleys
NEW OEM shims fitted
HKS step II Valve Springs
Spool Head oil drain kit

Bottom End :-

Rb30 Block
Nitto 3.2 Stroker Kit

4340 Grade Billet Steel
Fully Counter Weighted
Undercut Counter Weights
Knife Edged
Nitrided Finish
Fully Balanced

4340 Grade Billet Steel
I-Beam Construction
Quality Oversize 7/16” ARP 2000 Series Bolts
Optional ARP Custom Age 625 Plus Series Bolts
Oil Squirter Galleries from Big End
Oversize 22mm Little End

JE / NITTO Produced Quality
Forged T6 2816 Alloy
Low Silicone Content
Contact Reduction Grooves
Accumulator Groove
Thick Wall 93 Series Nickel / Carbon Steel Alloy Pins
JE Pro Seal Premium Ring Sets

ARP mains Bolts
N1 Water Pump
Tomei high flow oil pump
Custom made extended sump
ATI Crank damper
CAS trigger kit
Crank trigger kit

ECU :-

LInk G4 Extreme Ecu
Custom Wiring Loom

Turbo Side :-

Borgwarner EFR 9180
2x External Tial Wastegates
2x Screampipes into passenger side skirt
Oil & Water braided lines
4" custom made downpipe
Custom Made twinscroll manifold
304l stainless sch10 pipe. 2.77mm wall thickness and 1.5" Id.
T4 divided twin tial mvs wastegates.
Back cut 12mm head flange to aid sealing. Cnc ported to match exhaust outlet to round pipe.
Fully back pure welded for superior and clean internal welds

Fuel System:-

custom made under car swirl pot
2x Bosch 044 external pumps
Tomei in tank fuel pump
Aeromotive Fuel pressure Regulator
ASNU 1100cc Injectors
ASNU top Feed fuel rail

Running Gear/Transmission :-

OS88 Sequential gearbox
OS R4C Quad plate clutch
Nismo gearbox mounts
Abbey Motorsport rebuilt transfer box
Abbey Motorsport rebuilt rear diff
Cusco rear steering delete kit
Cusco front & rear upper suspension links
Bilstein B16 PSS9 Suspension
Cusco brake master cylinder brace
Nismo stainless steel braided brake hoses
Brembo front 6 pot calipers with 380mm discs
Brembo rear 4 pot calipers with 380mm discs
Geartronics Flat Shift


Rota GTR 19" Alloys
Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta 265/30/19 tyres
Bomex AD-390 front splitter
Nismo R34 smoked front indicators in custom aluminium mounting plates finished in crackle black (front bumper)
Nissan Xenon headlamp units
Border Racing Aero Fenders (vented front wings) with silver GT emblems from R32
Nismo smoked side repeaters
Nismo carbon vented bonnet
Top secret carbon rear diffuser
Entire exterior resprayed in BMW black (code 086) base and lacquer
Carbon spoiler blade
Carbon spoiler end caps
Nismo carbon fibre B-pillar plates
PIAA carbon effect silicon wipers, front pair with spoilers, rear without
Tein bonnet dampers with black sleeves


Custom made one-off Cobra Misano Lux front seats (Alcantara + GTR logo beneath the grommets on seat backs)
Omex Shift Light Sequential
Mine’s VX-ROM
Techtom MDM-100N diagnostic display unit
Defi Boost Gauge
Defi Water temp
Defi Oil Prressure
Defi Oil temp
Defi Fuel pressure
Defi Exhaust Temp
Sunsei SE-135 solar panel trickle charger mounted on a custom aluminium riser between the rear parcel shelf speaker enclosures
AEM wideband lambda sensor
Nismo white face dial sets (dashboard & centre console) in carbon fibre panels
Nissan Momo steering wheel (with airbag)
Redline Automotive leather gearstick & handbrake gaiters
Abbey Motorsport carbon fibre door sill trims

Engine Bay:-

Carrozzeria one g plus heat stabilizer (oil cooler strut brace)
Jun inlet manifold
Q45 Throttle body 90mm
Mocal 19-row oil cooler
Abbey Motorsport catch tank & washer reservoir
Abbey Motorsport Pro Alloy large radiator
A’PEXi GT Spec intercooler (237x610x136mm)
Custom 90mm Intercooler Pipework
Custom 100mm 4" Exhaust System
Link G4 Extreme+
Splitfire DI Super Direct Ignition System
HKS Circle Earth kit
Trust clear cam pulley cover
HKS Kansai Service carbon fibre spark plug cover
Nismo radiator & washer reservoir caps
GReddy aluminium slam panel finished in crackle black

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cheers mate

I will be adding alot of custom pannels, gauges and having my dash flocked.
will also be fitting a top mount turbo setup on this for 600bhp, as car is running around 500 on hks GT SS turbos.

then will in time have the rods changed for bigger power :)

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If you are having the dash flocked, I would highly recommend creating a 3 guage cluster above the vents out of fibreglass. Once flocked it looks nearly factory.

Very nice motor you have :)

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If you are having the dash flocked, I would highly recommend creating a 3 guage cluster above the vents out of fibreglass. Once flocked it looks nearly factory.

Very nice motor you have :)
I have a custom panel going over the top showed you a pic of it last meet up :)

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quite a bit looking at that list and looks like quite a bit done by abbey so you know its been looked after

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The clutch has gone on the car.

its been a complete nightmare, HKS dont supply refurb kits for the type of clutch i have now, so they want £1,700 for a new one.

HKS can do one now, so im picking up a Excedy tripple plate as i will be going for 800bhp after the summer.

While the car has been off the road waitting for the clutch to be done i thought i would start with the audio as its next to none inside the car.

Out with the firewall pannel and cut around to allow subs to sit flush so i can still use back seats.

Battery tray has to come out, battery has to come out.
battery lines extended, and various other bits moved around.

I had the amp fitted and working to find that the subs sound blown so i stopped and now on the hunt for 2 new rear subs :'(

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Well after some long graft its done

Well worth the hours put in.
the pannel with the amp in lifts up on a set of hinges on the top so lifts right up so i can still access the back

i also have 2 corner boxses that i can fit on either side if i wish to do so.
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